This Week In God

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Randomly, someone that doesn’t live around here will ask me — what’s up with the mega-church being built in your backyard? I guess I hadn’t mentioned. Well, probably my last update told you it was approved in Weld County. A lawsuit was filed by various homeowners and we lost that. It was about a violation in the way the notification … Read More

Random Thoughts

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Crap. PALM took a dump. I hadn’t noticed till tonight. I don’t know why I still have this stock but I continue to believe in it as an enterprise phone play. Byrne created a podcast plugin for MT. Great. Now I can stop messing with MT-Enclosures. It was probably my most notable plugin given its early introduction when podcasting wasn’t … Read More

The Happiest Place On Earth

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I need a vacation — and I just got back from one! This year, we opted to stay in the US for pseudo-annual fall vacation. Instead, the kids decided that they must go to Disney World! I had the feeling it was going to be a long week before going. Visions of screaming and crying and tons of cash filled … Read More

Shuttle Launch

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Upon arriving in Florida for our Disney vacation, we realized that the shuttle was going to launch the day before we went home. What timing! My Dad and I have always wanted to see it launch but have never been nearby at the right time. Sounded like a perfect chance. So we woke up and headed out of Orlando just … Read More

Denver Marathon 2007

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 03:59:19 (PR) Pace 9:08 Rank 494 of 1563 GPS Analysis Strava Today was the day I had been waiting for. After getting sick and not being able to finish last year and a so-so finish at my first marathon in May, I was trained and ready. Grading myself, I probably did a A- on my training … Read More