JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2007

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Distance 3.50 miles
Time 25:07 (PR)
Pace 7:11
Number of Runners 5340
GPS Analysis MotionBased

I happened to be in town for this event. I was pretty excited to participant in this activity with co-workers. I have been on my 6 days per week running training all summer but its all solo. Fun to have other co-workers to run with — and especially these guys. Glenn and Ted have been running forever. Both have done Boston.


Cisco didn’t do too bad for a first time participant. Nearly 200 people signed up putting us in 4th place in participation. The winner was VMware with a few more heads. I am not sure how many people from Cisco of the 200 actually made it. Seemed like many were stuck in traffic or something.

I hope more people sign up next year. And I hope we get some freakin’ shirts for our team. Most other companies had special running shirts for their teams. At least we all had our recently received new logo shirts so we looked like we planned this.

The race was 3.5 miles, which is just a bit more than a 5k. I have never raced a 5k before so I figured this would be a good experience. That was until I started! The distance isn’t that far so you nearly have to floor it the whole time. I do this on training runs but I get to stop. Here is all the way to the finish. Every minute seems to take forever.


I came out of the hole fast. It was because the crowd was thick and I was dodging for some clean air. Once I found it, I felt free. Until Glenn started yelling at me to watch it so I didn’t overheat. On mile 2, I started relaxing (although in pain) and looking at the Golden Gate, the water, etc. Then I realized I was slowing down. Oops. So I kicked it back up but my gut was starting to tighten up and my quads were burning. It wasn’t terrible but I knew these sprints are not what I am trained for. I can run far, not fast.


The last turnaround ran you right along the water up to the base of the Golden Gate. It was plenty windy along there but the big crowd helped with that. I check my time at the 5k mark and it was 22:30. I plugged this time into a race time predictor and it puts my next marathon at 03:36:12. Oh man. If only. We will see next month.

When the finish line was in sight, I tried to speed it up and finish strong. I felt tired at the end but not dead. Ted was standing there deciding if he was going to puke or not. The dude has been working like crazy (but when is he not) and hasn’t been training this summer. Still goes out and beats me by about 30 seconds. Glenn was about a minute in front of me. That felt good to hang in there with those guys. Last year, no way. And I feel like I am just getting started on a real training plan.

So I plugged the route into Google so you could see where this was. Pretty great location for a short race. This is looking from the north. The bridge…obviously. Alcatraz over on the left. The run was through the Presidio, which is an old Army base, now national park.


Don’t confuse this for a serious event. They track who the winners are but everyone after that…who cares! I still took it seriously. Hey, running has become my passion!