Not My Fault

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Our 51″ rear projection TV went out a few weeks ago — out meaning everything was green. This being the family room TV put everyone in a tail spin but me. From the looks of it, one of the color guns went out. My googling showed that there are 3 guns in the TV and they can go out. The TV is 6 or 7 years old so it sounded plausible. I pushed all the buttons on the TV to see if it needed to refocus but it didn’t help. I didn’t know what to do so I had Kim called a TV guy.

They came out and looked at it and thought it sounded like that same issue and hauled it away to the shop for $60. We called them a few days later and they said it wasn’t acting up in their shop. Odd. Maybe it “shook loose” during the trip. We let them keep it a few more days. That turned into a few weeks. Turns out that nobody really missed the TV. Sure, they wanted to watch shows but they still do that on iTunes instead. It was nice to have the silence in that part of the house.

So finally got fed up with my possession not being fixed or returned so I demanded they bring it back. They hauled it back for another $60 charge which I tried fighting. They plugged it all back in and there it is — green again! I was like “these bozos”. I was pacing. The two dudes started checking all the cables. Then asked me to check the cables on the back of the DirecTV box. This had not been done before. As I reached back, I felt that one (red) was slightly out of the socket. I pushed back in and I hear the repair guy go Bingo! I just stared at everyone in amazement and shock that we went through all of this because a cord was loose. Nobody checked that? Everyone was looking at me like — you didn’t check that? So what was I to do — I started blaming all of them. Kim’s fault for this. Repair guys fault for that. Kids fault for watching TV. Cats fault because they probably walked back there and pulled the cord out.

When the DirecTV guy installed that new box, he put the included component video cable on. Its just a 6′ cheapy. I usually go and find or buy a more heavy duty Monster Cable to replace that kind of stuff. But I never did for this one. So the cord was always a bit short and kinda crept up the wall and was tight. But still nobody should have messed with it? Right!

I proceed straight to Best Buy and bought a $80 9′ Monster Cable and firmly attached it. So 80 + 2 times 60 = $200 — for the same damn TV that I never watched in the first place. Rip off.

So this clearly was everyone’s fault but mine…wife, kids, cat, repair guy, DirecTV, Best Buy, Santa Claus and…and…and your mother.