Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Please, call me Hero! I saved Hyrule. 48 hours of game play later and I saw the credits roll. Your save game screen keeps track of your total play time.

What a game. That was always how Zelda should have been. Its so deep with so many worlds and objectives. Near the end, my neighbor came over to watch it a bit and was blown away by all the stuff I was doing and in the middle of. It just keeps layering and layering until you are immersed in the game. My only small nit is that it wasn’t hard enough. You had to figure things out but I rarely died in a major battle. I always had enough stuff to get the job done.

The Wii really shines in this game. So many actions to master with the remote and the nunchuk. The sword play ends up getting you on your feet and jumping around and swinging your arms.

I know this game is good because Kim is fighting her way through it right behind me. I had to finish it before she did! Well, I just like to finish games. She takes her time. She is what they call a “Zelda Completionist”. Gotta get every poe, chest, heart, upgrade, bottle, weapon, etc. I could care less!

Its no wonder Nintendo continues to dominate the gaming world IMHO. Outselling the other consoles when it was later to market. The Nintendo-produced games are usually phenomenal. Metroid 3 just came out. I may take a break here for a month but I need to dive into that one next — because Mario is coming out just before Christmas! Its also been fun to go back and play the old NES games on the virtual console — Mario, Zelda, Metroid are all there. You really get to see where this had come in 20 years. I wonder where it will be after the next 20!