Tis The Season

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After the recent near death experience on my aging desktop machine, I started browsing for my next box. Here were some of my thoughts so far:

  • iMac – Steve’s tractor beam has me. Pretty. But what does it give me? A nice machine in a monitor? I have a floor. I am used to a box on the floor. I would use my ergo Microsoft keyboard and mouse. It doesn’t have any HD DVD capabilities that I think would be nice. I am going to run 95% Windows apps. I am not rebuying big dollar apps like QuickBooks, Quicken, PhotoShop, etc. that I have on Windows already. Do I really want to run in virtualization all the time? Biggest monitor is a 24″. Nice, but why not 30″? When something blows, I can’t go to Best Buy and throw in a new card and roll. Why do I keep thinking about this option? Stop sucking me in!
  • Laptop – Forget the make and model discussion — do I really want a laptop? If I am at my desk 99% of the time, why sacrifice speed for size? I already have a couple of work laptops. When I want to go mobile, I just take those. I don’t always have all my stuff but what do you really need anyway. Mail? Portable. Feeds? Portable. So why do all the work to setup a laptop with doc when you never really undock that much.
  • Dell XPS 420 – Comes out next month. Dell’s next gen XPS. Lots of good stuff packed in there. Get a 30″ Dell monitor for about $1200. Lots of raw power and a big screen. Me likes. Can I get XP instead of Vista though?

What do you think?

Oh and no, I still do not have an iPhone. Nice price drop however. I still feel like I need more memory and a way to get SSH on the phone so I can get my work email. Plus my contract isn’t up until January. Why are cell phone contracts like the only thing in life you are locked into?