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After my failed beta upgrade, I was hesitant to upgraded to MT4. However, I finally bit the bullet and did it tonight. I was waiting for an updated CustomFields plugin because that is the one that always kills me. Anyway, it went smooth. But this new UI is slow a molasses. Maybe its my server. Its not a screamer but … Read More

Cross Populating

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Its been bugging me that I can’t find a way to integrate my Twitter, Facebook, Pownce, etc. status all into one place. However, I found it tonight with TwitterFeed. This site allows you to plugin a RSS feed and it will post it to Twitter. As you may recall, I wrote MT-Twitter a while back. That plugin takes your tweets … Read More

A Milestone Of Sorts

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After injuries early in the year and races in the early summer, I have finally started to rack up better consistent training mileage on runs. When you GPS all this data and start going back through it, you learn things. Like how I haven’t been consistent and running lots of days per week. And how speed work is slowly making … Read More


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In the hotel reading USA Today. Saw an article explains that because of the cost of precious metals increasing, it now costs the US Government 1.5 cents to produce a penny and 8.2 cents to produce a nickel. Apparently, a law prohibiting the melting of coins was recently put in place because you could have started a business around exploiting … Read More