Chicks on Wheels

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My cousin Tonya (AKA Minx in the rink) started up a roller derby league in my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. They have traveled around locally to play other teams but tonight was their first cross-country adventure to Wyoming to play the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. Could the Fort Wayne Derby Girls survive the trip and the altitude to pull off … Read More

Longmont Dog Swim

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After the pools close for the season, Longmont neutralizes the chemicals and has a dog swim party! My dogs being Beagles are not that into swimming. But just as my Mom threw me in the pool, I return the same favor to my dogs! Here they are trying to paddle around. They aren’t as into it as the labs who … Read More

Movable Type 4 Issues

Movable Type8 Comments

My upgrade went smooth, but then I started seeing the issues. Here is a list of things I ran into: + <mt:HasParentCategory> does not work but <mt:HasNoParentCategory><mt:else> works. + The plugin task structure was changed. You used to be able to put a “tasks” element in your $plugin object on creation. Now that doesn’t work. Its ignored. You have to … Read More

MT-YouTube: A Movable Type Plugin

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Current version is released on 2007-08-18 Contents What This Plugin Does Requirements Installation Instructions Configuration Frequently Asked Questions Examples Purchase License Download Version History Contact What This Plugin Does Heard of YouTube? Of course you have. Well, this plugin will do a 1-way sync with your YouTube videos to your blog. Using the background tasks functionality in Movable Type, … Read More