Don’t Blow Up Yet

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My Dell Dimension 8200 has been running since March 2002. I have put various upgrades into it over the years but its never given me trouble.

However, yesterday we got home and my monitor looked off. I hit all the buttons but no signal. What’s wrong? Computer was on. I hooked the machine up to one of my other monitors with a different cable. Nothing. It wasn’t saying no signal like when you are totally unplugged. It was just black.

I restarted a few times but the hard drives never really got busy. Seemed like it was stuck during boot but what was it saying? I can’t see the screen.

So I popped out the video card this morning and started it up. It booted up. I could go to another PC on the network and access the hard drives. Seems like the video card is dead.

I ran to Best Buy. They seem to only carry cards for gamers unless you are on PCI Express. I am an AGP-based user. So I got this NVIDIA card with 512MB of VRAM. My old card from 2002 had 64! Not sure I will see a difference with my apps but oh well. $160 bucks and she is running again. But it was a good scare. Need to backup more and I need to get a new machine.

iMac after Leopard releases…should I? Will I? Going to run Windows most of the time given what I do but the machine seems like it would be nice. My wife’s iMac has been pretty painless so far except for the power supply issues. But I think that was just a fluke with that specific model.