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After my failed beta upgrade, I was hesitant to upgraded to MT4. However, I finally bit the bullet and did it tonight. I was waiting for an updated CustomFields plugin because that is the one that always kills me.

Anyway, it went smooth. But this new UI is slow a molasses. Maybe its my server. Its not a screamer but the old MT UI moved much faster. Not sure what to do about it at this point. Probably need a server upgrade one of these years.

As for my templates, well…I am not touching them. The temptation is always there to use new default templates and remodify to match your look. For me, its just too painful. I don’t see the value in the work anyway.

The main place I see new stuff is in the comments area. However, I don’t really think I want to go there. I am kinda used to anonymous comment moderation now. The CAPTCHA cuts down on the spam. So I am going to stay with the way it is for now. Maybe change later. But I can’t imagine too many non-geeks wanting to sign up for an account to comment.

All my plugins that I authored seemed to work out of the box except for MT-NowPlaying. MT didn’t like my tag definitions. So I moved to calling registration functions (like my other plugins do) and it worked. Oh well. So all of them are up and published.

I even managed to finish up a YouTube plugin I had been working on for a while. It was similar to some of my other recent work where it reads your YouTube RSS feed and posts new entries with the contents. This way you can be off posting from your mobile phone and it goes to YouTube and then your blog. Gotta love automation.