Mount Belford (14,197′) & Mount Oxford (14,153′)

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Distance 11.45 miles Moving Time 5 hr 6 min Summit Elevation 14,197 feet (B)/14,153 feet (O) Elevation Gain 6,033 feet Route Missouri Gulch Trailhead I have obviously been consumed by running this summer. Plus with B2 on the sidelines with her new baby, there isn’t a lot of company on hikes. So I called my sister, Natalee, mid-summer and put … Read More

A Look Inside

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Thought this was interesting. Cisco posted a video from our company meeting for all to see to show off our TelePresence technology. Have a peek.

Don’t Blow Up Yet

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My Dell Dimension 8200 has been running since March 2002. I have put various upgrades into it over the years but its never given me trouble. However, yesterday we got home and my monitor looked off. I hit all the buttons but no signal. What’s wrong? Computer was on. I hooked the machine up to one of my other monitors … Read More