Movable Type 4

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I figured 6 betas later I would give this thing a try. So I backed everything up and installed. The upgrade seemed smooth. Migrated the DB OK it said.

However, then I started noticing that it couldn’t build pages. Everything was breaking!

Here is a brief list of the stuff I found before I gave up:

+ SmartyPants is now installed by default so my existing copy was throwing some “redefined” errors. I couldn’t find the plugin on their side until I looked into the Markdown directory. Just because the plugin is by the same author they dumped it in there.

+ My plugins, the ones I wrote, are all broken. They work fine in every other MT release. The main problem seemed to be that it would not recognize my custom template tags. I happen to use 2 different methods in my various plugins and neither of those work. What a backwards compatibility miss that was. I tried debugging for a minute but I gave up.

+ The interface is slow. My connection is slow today but I don’t think that was it.

So I gave up and reverted back. I filed 1 bug at the MT beta site.

I keep thinking I should switch tools.


UPDATE: SixApart assigned me case #54469 today.