Mini Hummer Academy

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MedVed, my Hummer dealership, has a track setup out behind the dealership where you can go and test drive a new Hummer off-road. Hell, if you are going to buy a Hummer you might as well test it where it was designed to go.

One of the other things the dealership does is put on a monthly Hummer Academy. The “real” Hummer Academy is in South Bend, IN and its a several day mudfest. This is just a few hours playing around and practicing some techniques on a closed course without the travel to Indiana! Plus, its free.

So the whole family accompanied me to the class today. Kim and I were both enrolled. We took a lap around the track with the instructor and then went back to our vehicle and were free to do laps on the track until the cows come home. There are 5 different sections that you go through, each demonstrating or testing a slightly different aspect of the truck or skill.

You start off with a rock garden where you can practice good ole BTM (brake-throttle modulation). Its nice to do in a controlled setting and play with mastering this. However, each time we thought we had it down, the truck would jump and we would laugh because we didn’t.

Another section that the kids called “the pits” had big alternating holes in the ground. So you would get 2 diagonal tires off the ground and then alternate. Here is a shot of the left rear off the ground. You could have stuck your head under it. The right front is off the ground at this time too.


A little downhill work to get used to not using your brakes.


Lean, lean, lean. This truck can do about 30+ degrees they say. 25 was plenty for us!


A little more downhill work with a small mud puddle at the bottom.


Another fun and free day in the Hummer.