Crap I Think I Need

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I have a disease. I always maintain a mental list of stuff that I think I need to buy that will improve my lifestyle in some way. However, with more kids and all the expenses that go along with that, I find that I have to be more judicious in my purchases. Sometimes I write down my list so I can see it and that helps me organize and eliminate. So in no particular order…

+ Eclipse AVN-5510 – This one was dead but now its back since Kim got a new car. I have my portable Garmin C330 GPS plus my Sirius Starmate and my auxiliary jack I added in the H2 but its too much “stuff”. Plus the power in the H2 is always on so I am undoing cigarette lighter plugs when I get in and out. I desire something more integrated. But is it worth the money just to do that? Plus, my wife stole my iPod for her car so I need a new one.

+ Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx – My 301 watch doesn’t cut it on long and more complicated hikes. I need to input waypoints and see elevations. I have my old eTrex but its a dinosaur at this point.

+ Shoes for my mountain bike – After riding with Dmitri a few weeks ago, this was revealed. A few years back when I regularly rode a MTB, I feared clips. However, after a year of road biking with them, I don’t know how I did without. I need to get rid of the cages. Luckily my bike came with clips, but I had them take them off for cages. I found them, so now I just need some shoes. I think the carbon road bike shoes might not fit the bill offroad — but how often am I going to ride? Hell, then I need a new bike. Have you see these things? Man, they look pretty sweet.

+ AppleTV – We have been buying more and more TV shows on iTunes. Don’t want to clog up the DVR with all those shows. Plus, the kids watch a big chunk of TV on the computer anyway. No commercials at all. 4 year olds can’t seem to grasp jumping over them. Now with the 160 GB model, we might have a winner. Plus, I might watch a podcast or two. Never feel like sitting in front of the computer to do that anymore.

+ Oakley Radar – My 1980’s Oakley that I dearly love riding with are getting “funky”. I still get the looks from the ladies while in them — although my wife said I was a dork the other day when she saw me ride up — so maybe the looks are not what I thought. 🙂

+ New PC – Mine is a top shelf from 2002. Its outlasted its stay. It can’t keep up with me typing emails. What to buy? I can’t fathom buying a Mac and running Parallels and being happy with the speed. Its not terrible but its not great. I see all these sub-$800 laptops in the paper. Seems like you can get one of those a year instead of spending $4000 on a top of the line Dell. I don’t know!

+ A new phone when my trade-in period starts. This Treo is not stable. Not that it ever was great but now that the honeymoon of the smart phone is over, I need something that will actually answer a call without a reboot. In a recent pilot they did inside Cisco, the Treo 700w finished dead last. Everyone seemed to like the Blackjack. But I gotta see if the iPhone pans out.

What do I need? What do you want? Can you loan me some money?