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My wife told me my blog is now boring. All I have is dumb running graphs and stuff. Nothing interesting. She is my wife so its probably normal that she now finds me boring after 8 years of marriage. It also didn’t help that I saw a HUGE (ok, tiny) snake in our yard today and I screamed like a … Read More

Dogs Like Camping

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Every year, we take the dogs with us on this one camping trip. They don’t do well in the car so they don’t get to go more than that. However, once they arrive…its paradise!

Mount Evans Ascent 2007

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Distance 14.5 miles Time 3:34:03 (PR) Pace 14:46 Number of Runners 350 GPS Analysis Strava Today was the day. The race I have been most excited about running all year. I have been wanting to run a decent length race at elevation. When I read about the Mount Evans Ascent, I knew it was the one. Its America’s Highest Road … Read More

Mini Hummer Academy

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MedVed, my Hummer dealership, has a track setup out behind the dealership where you can go and test drive a new Hummer off-road. Hell, if you are going to buy a Hummer you might as well test it where it was designed to go. One of the other things the dealership does is put on a monthly Hummer Academy. The … Read More

Crap I Think I Need

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I have a disease. I always maintain a mental list of stuff that I think I need to buy that will improve my lifestyle in some way. However, with more kids and all the expenses that go along with that, I find that I have to be more judicious in my purchases. Sometimes I write down my list so I … Read More