Injury of the Week

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As my physical therapist calls it. However, I think things are improving.

I did the long run this past weekend and the #1 sore point was my quads. That’s a good thing. Knees did well. Shins were fine after the warm-up and brief stop to self-massage.

Learning that the massage helped, I decided to go see a professional. My physical therapist has a massage therapist on site. So I went to him. He is not your average “spa masseuse”. He is more into the neuro-muscular side of things with an emphasis on injury recovery. Sounds like what I need.

So I went in for an hour. I had him work on my sore spot on my back first. Its right under my left shoulder blade. Been there for a year now. My chiropractor adjusts right there every month but its not getting better overall. That muscle is really sore and this guy really got in there. I can’t hit it myself and my wife can’t do it right.

After that he moved to my lower back briefly and found a really sore spot in my pelvis. I didn’t even know it was there. But when he touched it, I almost jumped off the table. Its location is very interesting because every month when I go into my chiropractor, my right leg is “shorter” than my left. This is because my pelvis tilts over the period of the month. Its a quick fix. But I think the issue is this muscle. Its so tired and sore that its allowing the pelvis to move. So its all related…I think. I find this interesting. My right side is where my knee blew up too.

So then he worked on my calves and shins the majority of the hour. Interestingly, he could tell that I had shin issues because the muscles were very very tight there as compared to a “normal” person. He worked those and it hurt. But when he was done you could feel them and they were a lot looser.

Walking out of the appointment, I could tell a difference. My legs were kinda drunk feeling but it didn’t hurt to go downstairs.

Over the next day, they have tightened back up. Pain is returning. Going back in for 3 more massages before the marathon. If I keep these things loose, I think my life will be better.

So my shin splint cheat sheet so far is:

1) New shoes that have lateral motion support.

2) Ice after run. Ice at night if you can.

3) Motrin, couple times a day.

4) Run on pavement. Flat pavement. Stay off big shoulders and dirt.

5) Massage the area. Professionally.

6) Mess with your stride to get more on your toes vs. heel. Mess with your stride a bit. Faster/slower. Find anything that feels better?

7) Your feet might be genetically messed up and you need orthotics.

That is my list so far. More running seems to hurt but it helps build if you are doing the maintenance in between.

I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV either. YMMV. Literally.