Like Old Times

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Me likes the Wii. The sports games and stuff are fun for a while until you get over the coolness of the Wii-mote. After that, we need some good titles. So I picked up Zelda and then Super Paper Mario. Time to dig in!

I am 3 hours into Zelda — I hate that they tell me how much time I have wasted (I mean played) the game. Makes me think I should be doing something else. But the game is so fun! The nunchuk is so nice for moving the character. Swinging the remote swings the sword. Oh, my wife had to tell me that one. I kept pushing buttons. Idiot. A little ways into the game you get turned into a wolf. That is pretty fun although my daughter Sydney did not like it. She watches every minute of the game. She really really wanted me to get back to being a “boy”. Still moving through the game. Love it so far. The remote and nunchuk combo are more life-like when you play.

I wasn’t sure what to think about Super Paper Mario when I read about it…but I really dig it. Its like old 2-D Super Mario for the NES but spruced way way up for 2007. Then you can switch into 3-D mode and do extra stuff. Like you will come up to a wall and there is no way over it. Too high to jump. Hit the button to go to 3-D and the camera swings around behind you and now you can see that the wall has a crack in it you can walk through. Trippy. You can only be in 3-D mode for a little bit before you have to switch back. Its a cool new dimension (ha!) to the game. I dig it!

So that is my Wii update. I haven’t regretted getting this thing yet. The games are only getting better. I still don’t see any Xbox or PS3 games that wet my appetite.

If the Xbox 360 Elite only would have had a HD-DVD drive built in. Oh well. They had their chance at my money!