Beach Ball

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With all the positive hype on Apple today after a positive quarter (go stock), I wanted to poo poo it. What’s the deal with the beach ball? This weekend I was using my wife’s iMac G5 for an extended period. I was doing some iMovie, iPhoto, web surfing, and more. I constantly get that freaking beach ball. Maybe I like … Read More

Injury of the Week

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As my physical therapist calls it. However, I think things are improving. I did the long run this past weekend and the #1 sore point was my quads. That’s a good thing. Knees did well. Shins were fine after the warm-up and brief stop to self-massage. Learning that the massage helped, I decided to go see a professional. My physical … Read More

Trying FastCGI and Movable Type

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I am always looking for ways to speed up my blog. I saw that Movable Type now supports FastCGI so I thought I would give that a try. I downloaded FastCGI and compiled it for my BSD-based server. Had some trouble with the build because of include directories but I figured that one out. So FastCGI was up and running. … Read More

Like Old Times

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Me likes the Wii. The sports games and stuff are fun for a while until you get over the coolness of the Wii-mote. After that, we need some good titles. So I picked up Zelda and then Super Paper Mario. Time to dig in! I am 3 hours into Zelda — I hate that they tell me how much time … Read More

MT-MotionBased: A Movable Type Plugin

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Current version is released on 2007-08-17 Contents What This Plugin Does Requirements Installation Instructions Configuration Frequently Asked Questions Examples Purchase License Download Version History Contact What This Plugin Does I wrote an integration between MotionBased and Movable Type. I love the MotionBased site but I wanted to post my activities on my blog to…at least a short description and … Read More