Now You Can Post Your Music On Twitter

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Now Playing users come in all forms. Some are sophisticated web users that build cool stuff on top of it. While others feel like they have conquered the world by getting a PHP file uploaded to their server. Often I get requests for easier ways to post your music history other than working in PHP.

I was thinking — why not use Twitter? Twitter’s basic question is what you are you doing? Well, I am listening to music right now! What a good think to post. And Now Playing can do that for you — automatically!

Twitter has some nice ways you can post your Twitter feed on your blog via Flash and stuff. You an use those to scroll through your music play history. Check out the side bar on my home page to see an example.

So tonight I am posting this for all Windows versions of Now Playing. Mac folks have to wait. Sorry. Maybe I will get to it soon.

Let me know what you think. Seems like a fun use of Twitter and Now Playing.