Still Messing With My Knee

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After a good long stretch of stretching and reduced running, I started to bring back my running. However, I was painfully shot down. Somewhere between mile 5 and 8 my knee decides that life is too short for running and decides to start being a pain. So I stop and walk, then hop along, and try and run again. This isn’t going how I want to.

I read an article from a recent Runner’s World that sounded just like what my knees are doing. The article basically said its overuse and swelling of a piece of tissue in there. Ice was about all they had for me.

So I started sleeping with ice and it did help make the pain go away. I could run a bit further. It helped me understand what I thought was going on.

I shared the article with my orthopedic guy and he moved me over to another guy that has a new physical therapy place in town. Went in for my first visit today. After about 30 minutes of him pushing on it and making me do random squats, bends, etc. he thinks that my kneecap isn’t tracking right which is causing the pain from above. You an kinda see it when he shows you. My left and right knee caps are doing different things when you go through the motions. So today we did some exercise, an ultrasound, and some other pressure work. Couple times a week for a few weeks plus more home stretching — but this time more to the quads and hips.

Keeping my fingers crossed.