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One of my favorite blog posts that I ever shared was on pool chairs. To my surprise last week, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal called me. She was doing a story on “Chair Hogs” and wanted to interview me. Only took a few minutes. Well, the story ran today (2/24) in the WSJ. Its in the Weekend Journal section, W1, front page. Read the article. Near the end I am mentioned. I won’t reprint the whole article since you have to pay to get the WSJ articles, but here was my part:

The trick may be bringing someone along – a nanny, a sun worshipper friend or a “runner” who doesn’t mind getting up early and spending the day on the chairs. Brandon Fuller, after a bad experience in Cabo San Lucas (a woman who was saving 11 chairs threw a fit when he tried to take one chair for his pregnant wife), decided to use his “secret weapon”: his father, Herb. Every morning at the Velas Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Herb Fuller would get down to the pool by 7 AM and be there with six chairs when Mr. Fuller and his family arrived at around 9 AM. “I told him it was for the grandkids,” says the software engineer from Longmont, Co.,.

UPDATE: The story ran in the Naples, Florida news as well.