Gotta Go Wii

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I have been sulking lately that I don’t have any of the new stuff on the market. No HD DVD player. No next gen game console. No new Vista. So I started feeling like I was out of it. My wife did not understand this position. It was like a geek depression of sorts. I pride myself on having this stuff and being up on all the latest. So I thought through it all again.

HD DVD – My projector only does 720p so what’s the big deal. They didn’t sell 1080 projectors for the home when I bought mine. So the HD DVD isn’t going to really really be a big deal. My upconverter is going to work just fine. I have an expensive DVD player so I might as well stick with it. Maybe by the time I can up the projector the format war will be over.

Vista – I installed it on my MacBook and have been playing with it. Its not changing my life. And everything is slower. I hate slow. To really benefit, I would need to buy a new PC and hence a new monitor. That isn’t in the budget right now. So this is on hold.

That brought me back to my game system debate. I never cared for PlayStation so that was out off the bat. I did relook at it but decided that most of the good titles were on Xbox too so forget it. I struggled between Xbox 360 and the Wii. My hang ups on the Xbox 360 were the external HD-DVD drive (which I would buy but don’t need as mentioned above) and the component video. I wanted HDMI. I already have the media center thing going with my old Xbox and the 360 version of the media center is 10 steps backwards. So it came down to titles and the experience. In that category, Nintendo always wins in my mind. So Wii it is.

I had date night with my girls while the wife was at a party so I went around town to every store I could think of looking for one. No where to be found. The dude at Kmart said he had them that morning. Everyone else said good luck. They receive them at a non-regular pace. What to do?

eBay. So I started watching auctions last night and there was a Wii auction ending every 5 minutes. I probably bid (not at the same time) on about 10 different ones. I kept getting outbid. I had my range. It started to get fun because I knew what the other bids would be so it was like I was just raising the prices on all the systems with my bid. Finally, one fell through the cracks and I got it for the low end of my range. It should arrive in a week.

I have owned every Nintendo system ever so I can’t break that tradition! But I might need a 360 too once Halo 3 comes out — if it rules!