Xbox Reborn

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Our kids watch nearly all their movies these days on my wife’s iMac. After the multitude of unreadable DVDs, I bought nearly all the SlySoft products about a year ago. They have been flawless. So now we buy DVDs and rip to ISOs. Then the kids can just double click on the movie they want in Finder and it loads and plays. Nice.

Well, after staring at the AppleTV product and realizing its not going to help me with movies I already own, I decided to revisit my Xbox setup. I had installed the Xbox Media Player back in 2003. It showed promise but it kept locking up so I never did much with it. However, now that project became the Xbox Media Center and has come a long way! So I got a copy of that running in less than an hour. I mounted my folder of ISOs. The software ran through them and did a match from IMDb to get movie info and thumbnails. Now, you can surf through the list of our movies picture by picture. The kids and I think its cool. There are still tons of other things to explore in this. Plus, you can extend with scripts! I found one for Sirius so I can listen to my favorite shows through it there now too. This thing is great!

The only downside is that all my music is wrapped in Apple DRM and that won’t play there. I am about getting to the point where I need to mirror my collection in unprotected files. Hope Steve is serious about killing DRM.