Seeing Things

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What the heck is that? Its Windows’s Solitaire and Photo Booth sharing the same desktop! Wait that’s the Vista sidebar and the OS X dock???


I was messing around with the new build of Parallels this weekend and they have this Coherence feature. Instead of running Windows full screen on your Mac, or running Windows in a window, you can have it superimpose your Windows Desktop on your Mac OS X desktop. Its kinda freaky but it then allows you to combine all the windows together as if they were all there natively — almost. Its pretty slick. It puts the 2 “docks” at the bottom. Probably some better way to arrange them but you get the idea.

Better yet, you can have the Parallels VM image come off of your Boot Camp partition. So when and if you want to run Windows by itself, you can. Or you can run in the VM. Or it can make you breakfast. I haven’t had a good “oh wow” with any software lately. This definitely reset that clock.

This is really making me think that I might buy some type of Mac as my next machine. Then I can split the disk with Boot Camp between Mac OS X and Vista. Then I can take my old PC and run Parallels Transporter program and suck my aging Dell’s XP image into Parallels. Then I can have everything all on one box. I just need as much CPU and RAM as I can get. Maybe one of them Power Macs with a big 30″ monitor. A boy can dream can’t he!!!