Better Late Than Never

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Its been snowing weekly here in Colorado. This is normal for the mountains but down on the “low lands”, we never get this much snow. And it never stays that long.

All the municipalities are way way over budget on snow removal. Lots are getting funding from FEMA I hear. Weld County is supposed to do our roads but they are always too busy to do residential. So our HOA hires our own contractor to get us cleaned out. However, our HOA is broke from snow removal this year. So we had to stop.

Luckily, the accumulated piles of snow along the streets is so big that the county had to come and remove it. So they have been out here for 4 days with 2 front end loaders, 6 dump trucks, and a scrapper trying to get the big snow off the streets. So we don’t have snow free streets but we don’t have 5-8 foot piles of snow in between the houses now.