Knee News

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So I thought I would give an update on my knee since my previous post.

I have been doing my stretches for over a month now. At first I was really good about doing them twice a day. However, that quickly changed to once a day after my family came home and life got back to normal. So every night, I go upstairs and lay down a towel and do my stretches. I time my stretches by the TV shows I watch. On a normal night, I stretch through The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. However, on Thursdays, that extends to include UFC Unleashed! So its usually an hour of stretching or more. On weekends, I try and do morning and night.

My flexibility has gotten better in a few areas. My hamstrings are still really tight but they are moving along. I can touch my toes now when sitting on the floor. I am totally flexible. Well, not that flexible.

The temps have been below 30 most days here for about a month. Not a normal winter. And there is snow everywhere. Not good running weather. But I finally got stir crazy a few weeks ago and started running any days when its about 32 degrees. I go out on the country roads that are filled with snow and ice. I wear my YaxTrax and its not a problem. Running in snow is a bit slower because you are more cautious but it feels good to be out there. While running my knee hurts now and then but I can run through it. Last fall, I couldn’t walk home after it started.

I went back to the doctor last week and he retested me. He didn’t find any issues. He thinks it will hurt now and then until my stretching overtakes the injury. I think I believe him.

I signed up with Carmichael Training Systems to see if that will improve my speed. Hopefully, that will help structure my weekly runs.

So this weekend, its time to start signing up for 2007 races. My plan at this point is to do last years races but add the Colorado Marathon in May, do the Mt. Evans Ascent in June, and one of the Leadville events. Busy summer!