My Big Brain

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I read this article in Wired about this game for the Nintendo DS called Brain Age. Sounded cool. Some doctor did all this research that shows that if you “use” your brain daily it helps it stay healthier, more alert and more useful. By use, I mean series of exercises…simple math, memorization, etc. The Brain Age game is pretty cool. It uses speech recognition on the DS to do some of the exercises. Most requires handwriting your answers on the screen. The DS converts your crappy handwriting into the proper characters. Its a pretty cool use of technology on this little device. It even has a great implementation of Sudoku on it! I did my first brain test and I didn’t do so hot. However, after a 1/2 hour of exercises I halved my score. The program says you do it each day for a couple of weeks and you will see big results. Its pretty fun so far!

Now the bad news. I showed my wife and she won’t give me my DS back! She has been in her PJs all day huddled up with the thing. I want my game back! Kim is not sharing.