Why I Don’t Think I Want An iPhone

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I am sure there are a million blog posts on this already but…

  • Apparently, you can’t run 3rd party software on the phone. I have all kinds of crap loaded on my Treo. SSH client, weather software, Sirius Radio, RSS Reader, etc. For me, this is the best part of the device…I mean phone.
  • Is this touch screen keyboard going to work? I get how it save space by not being there all the time. That is nice. But I haven’t used a touch screen keypad that is worth a damn. Maybe except for the RedBox thing at McDonald’s. You can fly on that thing and it gets it.
  • The battery life sounds really uncompelling.
  • I won’t by another phone unless it has GPS. This “you have Google Maps”…but you are still typing in where you are is bullshit. We need GPS in every phone.
  • Push email. Gotta have it.
  • Cingular. Man, I hated those guys.
  • Its an iPod and it has Internet connectivity and wifi but I can’t buy iTunes songs or shows on it? I am sitting somewhere bored. I want content now. I had to get it at home or I am stuck.
  • Cell phone cameras needs some auto-focus, flash, etc. We want to use our phone camera and not have to carry another camera too.

I am not your average user I suppose. But I can’t see going to the iPhone from the Treo at this point. I am only half way through my 2 year contract so things might change be then. My bet is that iPhone 2.0 will be really hot.