HD = Highly Disappointing?

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I keep thinking I need to move to high definition DVD. And since Netflix is offering high def DVDs at no extra charge, I feel like I need to take advantage of this. After going HD with my favorite TV shows, why am I still watching movies in less than HD quality? Seems backwards.

I have been watching the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD debate a bit. Doesn’t seem like a clear winner but it feels like HD-DVD has better support. Plus, given the Betamax, Sony doesn’t have a good track record. The story I always heard was that porn decided the outcome of the VHS vs. Beta debate from the 1980s. There were far more porn titles on VHS and that caused more players to be sold. I also recently heard that Blue-ray isn’t being used at all by the adult film industry. Maybe its the same thing all over again.

Anyway, so I thought I would just buy an Xbox 360 and attach the HD-DVD player. Seemed like a good excuse to get a new game system. Not too excited on the 2 box form factor though. Then I learned that there isn’t a digital video out on the Xbox…no HDMI or DVI. Just component video. Bad news there is that almost nothing supports 1080p over component. There are rumors of an updated Xbox in 2007 with built-in HD-DVD and HDMI but nothing announced yet. I also couldn’t find a standalone player that did 1080p either. Sounds like those aren’t due till spring. I don’t really have to have 1080p but why buy something lesser? Seems like I would be just angry later when I can’t take advantage of it.