We Are Becoming The Damn Terrorists

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This “bomb scare” in Boston is the latest in a string of events that make you wonder what the hell we are doing. It feels like the government tells us they are protecting us by considering everything we do as a danger to security. Fear mongers.

Knee News

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So I thought I would give an update on my knee since my previous post. I have been doing my stretches for over a month now. At first I was really good about doing them twice a day. However, that quickly changed to once a day after my family came home and life got back to normal. So every night, … Read More


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For the first time in a long time, I am still using the older version of Windows on a day where the new version launches. What’s the deal? I feel like I need a new computer to run this thing. That is not in the family budget right now. So all the hardware requirements have scared me off. I don’t … Read More

WSAENOBUFS (10055) Conquered

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Last week I was talking about a nasty bug that took a while to solve. While that one was in progress, I had another one going on simulateously that was equally challenging. We were doing some relatively simple load tests and our app would break. The result was lots of socket errors, usually 10055. There are various articles on this … Read More

My Big Brain

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I read this article in Wired about this game for the Nintendo DS called Brain Age. Sounded cool. Some doctor did all this research that shows that if you “use” your brain daily it helps it stay healthier, more alert and more useful. By use, I mean series of exercises…simple math, memorization, etc. The Brain Age game is pretty cool. … Read More