I Am Not Dead Yet

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Finally got into the knee doctor this morning. He did all the movement tests and I felt no pain. Then he took x-rays and those didn’t show anything interesting either. There are some other things to look at in the knee but those require an MRI and he wasn’t convinced it was necessary yet. Then he made me show him … Read More


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We departed Colorado on Wednesday night after work with a full car of luggage and kids. We are driving to the wedding of Kim’s brother, Ben. After an overnight in Russell, Kansas, we drove the rest of the way and arrived 998 miles later in Kokomo, Indiana. The outdoor temperature gauge in the car never got over 15 degrees for … Read More

Monkey Time

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When we were walking around Playa del Carmen… We ran into a lady with some monkeys. Everybody loves monkeys. So we got to hold these little guys. Pretty cute. Wonder if the cats and dogs at home would get along with these guys? Up close.

La Bamba

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So every night at our wonderful hotel, the Iberostar Playa Paraiso Del Mar, they had an entertainment show. It was a mix of shows put on by hotel employees and audience participation games. We always sat close to the stage because the kids enjoyed dancing on the dance floor. So every time the staff came out to the audience looking … Read More

RIP: Cosmo

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We just got back from Mexico. Our house is a mess. Everybody is trying to catch up with mail, messages, laundry, etc. Kim left to go and settle up with our house sitter. I heard a strange noise and came out to the stairway. I see our cat Cosmo falling down the stairs. His back legs are not moving. When … Read More