Snow Toys

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We brought out the big guns today to clean the streets. However, the downside of the loader is that it can’t scrape the pavement or it would rip up the street. So you get this nice 1 or 2″ compressed snow sheet that is slippery than hell! Last night, one of our plows hit something. They called me. I went … Read More

Blizzard 2006

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23 inches of snow later, I am still alive! Unfortunately, the airport is closed until Friday at noon so I can’t fly out for Christmas. The next flight is on Monday. My neighbor shot a few pictures of me trying to make a path for the H2. Now, its out…but I can’t really go anywhere. There are cars stuck in … Read More

Snowed In

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The Denver area is in the middle of a blizzard! Most of my neighbors didn’t go to work today because the snow started falling early in the AM. Around noon, it really started coming down and its blowing like crazy. I looked out my front door and my walkway was clean. Maybe its not so bad? I opened the garage … Read More

Busted Stuff

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I have been familyless for about a week now. They are in Indiana and I am in Colorado. I drove them to Indiana on the 6th and 7th so they could have our car since they were going to be there for a while. Well, the other night, Kim called to be sure I wasn’t dead and then said — … Read More


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I haven’t watched SNL in a long time. But last night I tuned in while doing my stretches and they had another hilarious “SNL Digital Short”. This time with Justin Timberlake. The last one of these I saw was the rap video with Natalie Portman. Hilarious!