La Bamba

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So every night at our wonderful hotel, the Iberostar Playa Paraiso Del Mar, they had an entertainment show. It was a mix of shows put on by hotel employees and audience participation games. We always sat close to the stage because the kids enjoyed dancing on the dance floor. So every time the staff came out to the audience looking for volunteers, I seemed to be sitting right there and they would grab me. I was up there 3 times during our stay.

The first appearance was a music quiz game. They picked about a dozen people. We stood shoulder to shoulder. The host, Chris, took a mic and went down the line. You had to sing the first few words of any song you knew. Once Chris was satisfied, he would move on to the next person. Down the line and back. You couldn’t sing a song someone else already had sung. You didn’t have to do the whole song, just enough to prove you knew the song. So I jumped from Nine Inch Nails, to Metallica, to 80s and 90s songs, then to Dora the Explorer songs (hey, they are memorable cause I hear them 100 times a day) and then Christmas songs. Finally, when you draw a blank and its your turn, you are out. I made it to the final 3 then hit the wall and lost. I should have won that.

So a few nights later, they had the house band start playing songs and if you knew them you had to run on stage and be the first to sit in a chair. I had just come off my song loss so I tried running up for a few songs. I missed the race on a few and then got it on La Bamba. Then with all 10 chairs filled with different song guessers, the host announces that we will now have to sing our song. Damn it. What the hell did I think would happen? I was last to go. Other songs ranged from Sweet Home Alabama to Yesterday to New York New York. Mine was in Spanish. I can deal. Here we go!

Ok, so I suck. Never done karaoke before. Ever. Plus it was with a live band. That was tough. I guess American Idol won’t be calling anytime soon.

A few nights later, Kim and I get picked to go up and we have to dance. That was pretty bad. We don’t dance. We tried to be funny. There is no video of that event. Thank god.