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So I finally got to fly back to Indiana on Christmas Day to meet up with my wife, kids, parents, and assorted family. It was nice to get there and see everyone after the 2 weeks of solitude and snowed-in lifestyle. However, something in my gut told me that we needed to get out of town and get on the … Read More

There Is No Place Like Home

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Isn’t that what Dorothy said about Kansas? Well, that’s exactly where we are…but its not home. We drove late into the night but got stopped out by the Kansas-Colorado border. Interstate 70 is closed from the border to Denver. Everyone is piling up out here waiting for things to clear to proceed on through. In Kansas, the snow has turned … Read More

Snow Snow Snow

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I am on the road driving from Indiana back to Colorado right now. Blogging from the car! Gotta love the Treo with the laptop connected for Internet everywhere. The bad news is that Colorado is getting dumped on right now. And they are expecting up to 2 feet of snow tomorrow. We gotta get back home. We debated hanging out … Read More

Happy Holidays

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We send holiday cards out to family and friends each year in the mail. When can we just start emailing those by the way? This was one of our finalists in the picture choosing process. Its always a pain to find a picture where 4 people look decent and are looking at the camera and are smiling. Anyway, thanks for … Read More