Mexico 2006

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We just got back from spending 13 days in Mexico! This is our 3rd year in a row spending Thanksgiving on the other side of the border. This year we went to the Riviera Maya. Its located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. All of our prior trips were to the west coast of Mexico so we were excited to see how the east coast differed.


Unfortunately, the Internet access that the hotel provided were some crappy kiosks so my grand plan of blogging each day and sending pictures back (like I did on prior trips) went in the shitter…I mean banos.

So that leaves me with 100s of pictures, hours of video and tons of stories to share. Hopefully, I can get to them in the coming weeks. Including when I had to sing La Bamba live on stage with a full band…or when Sydney won a contest between a hundred kids…or when Kim swam with dolphins!

Here is Sydney and I giving our opinion of yet another perfect vacation planned by Mom (Kim)!