Longmont Turkey Trot 10k 2006

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Distance 10K
Time 47:06.5 (PR)
Pace 7:31
Number of Runners 250
GPS Analysis Strava

I used to think running season stopped in September when the temps dropped. Not anymore. I have been pushing up my distances lately and getting some longer runs in on the warm days we have had. Then on the colder days, I rest. Sounds good.

Last weekend I found out about a local 10K that was happening today. So took a few days off towards the end of the week to prepare. My right knee is acting up with the increased training so I needed some rest.

10Ks seem to be the race I love to hate. 10Ks are nice because they are short. Its over before you know it or before you get tired. But I don’t like them because everybody is so fast — and I am not. I can run a good distance but I don’t have the speed down yet. How these skinny dudes run 6:00 miles for a 10K amazes me.


So I showed up early and registered for the race. I got there a bit too early so my parking spot was virtually next to the starting line. So I got back in my truck, turned on some music, and napped in the backseat. It was about 32 degrees outside at that time so standing around didn’t seem like the right thing to do.

I think it was up to 40+ degrees by start time. Enough heat for shorts but gloves were needed. There were only a few hundred people in the 10K so I started in like row 3. It was fun to see the fast guys just keep distancing themselves from the pack.

I wanted to hold a sub 8 minute pace for the whole race. On mile 1, I even broke a sub 7 minute pace. Then I tried to even out at 7:30. When training, I seem to just run what my body wants to but trying to keep myself at a good high heart rate. In this race, I had to keep “resetting” myself. I would find myself slowing down and then I had to mentally tell my legs to spin faster. Its kind of weird but it worked.

The best part was racing to the finish. I had a good gap before and after me so there wasn’t any risk of gaining or losing any positions.

The stats show I ended up 61st overall and 21st in my age group with an official time of 47:06.5. My only other 10K was back on June 1st and I did a 51 something. So that is a personal record (PR) for the 10K. Dropping 4 minutes seems like a big deal. I hope I can continue to drop time next year.