IE7 Blows…Up!

Geek2 Comments

I installed IE7 at work a while ago. Worked just fine. So this weekend, I was feeling frisky and I installed on my main home computer. Whoops. Now IE crashes every single time I hit a web site. Its junk. Nothing works. I disabled all the toolbars I had. No better. I also installed the release candidate for Firefox 2. … Read More

Burn, Baby, Burn

A Day in the Life2 Comments

There was this old boxcar in our open space that we needed to get rid. of. Nobody wanted it. So we called the fire department and it turns out they burn these types of things as training exercises from time to time. So we scheduled it and let them come and burn it down! We were standing a good distance … Read More

Where Are We?

A Day in the Life1 Comment

We took the kids to the big corn maze nearby. Its a 6 mile maze! It was pretty disorienting at first. Herb and I were arguing over which path to take. We didn’t end up finishing it because all the ladies got dehydrated and we had to leave. I must do it again.

Do It When You Can

A Day in the Life2 Comments

Lately, I have been in my chair working like crazy. In the middle of a big project that to be completed in the next 30 days. Makes me long for the slower days of summer when I could get out for a long run at lunch. Not lately. Most days are spent in my pajamas until 6 PM. Only leaving … Read More

Screw You, TGI Friday’s

Rants13 Comments

So a few weeks ago they opened a new TGI Friday’s restaurant here in Longmont. Its probably the closest sit down dinner type place to our house. So we went and checked it out. Kim and I didn’t care for our food and everything took forever. Ask for something, wait 20 minutes. Repeat. We were there forever. With kids, you … Read More