Renew Me

A Day in the Life3 Comments

I went to renew my driver’s license today. The people that work at those places are hilarious. They act like everybody is dumb and doesn’t know the rules. Not sure how we would know. They aren’t hanging on a sign or something. If you ask a question, they seem to tell you like you are dumb. They probably answer it 50 times a day but doesn’t a light go on that tells you that people ask the question because its not clear. The lady repeated my info on my license to me to see if it needed to be changed…height, weight, etc. She says, “Weight. 185?”. I smiled. “You don’t look 185”, she says. Thanks, baby. 155! Then she asked me if my address was current and repeated what she had in the computer. It wasn’t my address. Different street, city, zip…everything. Nope, not me. She triple checked and told me that I changed my address over at another office. Nada. Great. So somebody else has a drivers license with my name and a different address. I suppose they have the same name but a different middle name or something and they didn’t look them up properly. Now, when I get a ticket, they can fine that guy. Wasn’t me!