Denver 1/2 Marathon 2006

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Distance 13.1 miles
Time 2:00:00
Pace 9:00
Number of Runners 2000
GPS Analysis MotionBased

It wasn’t meant to be.


My family has been sick all week. Everything from vomit to diarrhea. Something is going around. Again. These kids bring it home. I haven been sick like once a decade in my lifetime but these last few years are setting a new standard. I had felt good all week but last night I started feeling queasy and then had an accident in my pants. That’s not good. I spent the rest of the night on the toilet trying to get out whatever was now infecting me. Could I be better by morning?

I woke up this morning and felt better but I was weak after so much fluid loss last night. This wasn’t going to be pretty for a first marathon attempt.

The weather was a bit chilly this morning but started warming as the sun came up. The race got started with a national anthem and a F-16 fly over. Pretty cool. I was off. This was the first year for this race so I didn’t’ know what to expect. Turns out they send everybody off at the same time. Full marathoners and halfs. So while I was trying to maintain my race pace for the 26.2, the half’ers were blowing by me. Oh well. At about mile 3, I was trying to start taking in fluids and some gels but my stomach was not having any of that. Everything just went into a big knot. My legs and everything else felt great but my gut felt like I had been punched by Mike Tyson. I continued on.


At about the 7 mile marker, I was starting to run a mile then walk for 30 seconds. Just trying to release the compression in my gut. It wasn’t happening. Things were getting tighter and worse. And I was slowing down. I saw the Clif Pace guy come through with the 4 hour sign and I knew I wasn’t going to hit my goal. So at mile 12 or so I made the decision to just cut and run the 1/2 marathon and then go die in my car. So I split off, saw the finish line, and hustled in. Beat the clock by seconds in order to get another sub-2 hour finish. My slowest 1/2 to date but I wasn’t all there. The GPS data show the slowing of the pace as the race went on.


I kept walking all the way to the car and laid in the back seat for about 20 minutes. My legs were ready to go but my gut wanted to explode. I came home, showered and got in bed for about 6 hours. I am up and around now but not feeling good.

This was surely a bummer. I had this stretch goal of finishing a marathon this summer. I feel like I could have done it. Would have been nice to have some more recovery since the Boulder Backroads race but I could have handled it. Part of me felt depressed and ashamed because I didn’t set out to do what I wanted. I also was questioning whether I was any good at this damn sport. A little sleep brings clarity and now I am writing it off to not being my day. I will be watching the schedule for the next marathon in my area. There is another in May downtown. Pencil that one it. I now get to do a bit of rest for a the next few months. Not going to run too hard. Going to focus on biking and swimming. My right foot, right knee and hips will thank me for it. They just ache to often right now. The real challenge will be to hold my fitness up over the winter. Usually, I just go cold and start clean in the spring. Bad idea. I hope to do better and hit the ground running in the spring. Ha!