Do It When You Can

A Day in the Life2 Comments

Lately, I have been in my chair working like crazy. In the middle of a big project that to be completed in the next 30 days. Makes me long for the slower days of summer when I could get out for a long run at lunch. Not lately. Most days are spent in my pajamas until 6 PM. Only leaving my desk for a quick potty break here and there.

So I am running at night…in the dark. Its pretty relaxing. Its really easy to zone out and just cruise along. Kim helped get me a fluorescent vest last year. Then my mother got me a road ID bracelet for when I get hit. I just bought new headlamp too. I am well outfitted for night running now. This is making me want to do Leadville more and more! I think I am going to shoot for the training camp in June 2007 and see how it goes.