Screw You, TGI Friday’s

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So a few weeks ago they opened a new TGI Friday’s restaurant here in Longmont. Its probably the closest sit down dinner type place to our house. So we went and checked it out. Kim and I didn’t care for our food and everything took forever. Ask for something, wait 20 minutes. Repeat. We were there forever. With kids, you tend to want to get in and out. So I was done with that place.

However, our neighbors pop in the other night and said they wanted to go out. Sure! Where? They wanted to check out the new TGI Friday’s. Crap. So I told them it was slow. Are you sure you want to go? They figure that was an opening issue and its probably resolved by now. Ok, fine.

So we get there and its a long wait. Our wait is also our “fault” I get the feeling. We are 7 people. Jesus. How much capacity do I think they have? Getting a table for 7 was like a miracle needed to happen. Apparently, the only way to do this is to pull two 4-top tables together. So we have to wait until 2 adjacent tables free at the same time. If one freed up and the other was too early in the meal, they would have to give it away because you can’t wait. I ended up talking with one server who seemed to be important and got the clueless hostesses going on getting us seated. Thanks, Betty. Let’s call her, Betty.

We eat. Everything takes forever. They forgot stuff. People would sit down near us, eat and leave and we are still waiting on food. We got the manager. She was baffled. However, we eventually got our food — some of which was cold. Everyone just ate.

Our server offered us these buy 1 entree and get one free coupons as a “sorry”. I was doing some reading of random crap on the table and I figured out that everyone gets these right now. Its a promotion. I am not special. Various other things go wrong that I don’t care to relive.

So we are leaving. I am not coming back. I am going to walk out silently, when Betty pops up and says, “so how was everything?” with a smirky grin. Oh, boy. Nobody ever asks. I just usually walk out pissed. So I started in…raising my voice a few notches:

How was it? It SUCKED. (Turn and face the waiting parties who are looking at me). It sucked so bad. I am going to tell all these people waiting to leave. You won’t eat for hours. The service is slow, the food was cold, and nobody gives a crap. I know you just opened. I was here a week ago and it was worse tonight! My friends here wanted to come check out your restaurant. I told them not to come here. I regret that we had to. I will not be back.

While I am doing this, the manager walks up and literally hides because she doesn’t want to be involved in this incident. No soothing. Betty says, “Wow. I don’t know what to say.” I walked out. I hope others followed me so they didn’t waste their night like I had to.

Update: 3 years later, we do eat there now from time to time and the service is just fine.