Hummer Happening: Fall Folliage 2006

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We haven’t been offroading as a family in a while. I have been spending all that time running and hiking in the mountains instead of driving up them. Well, today, our friends at Medved Hummer put on another wonderful Hummer Happening. Remember, these are not extreme offroad adventures — these are family outings — so don’t give me crap about an easy day on the trail.

We started the day up in Evergreen, Colorado at a nice little trendy market called the Blue Spruce. The chefs at the Blue Spruce cooked a great breakfast buffet. After eating, there we several short classes to choose from. There was a short cooking demonstration by the Blue Spruce chefs. There was a fly fishing class — next to the market is a fly fishing store that was out there running this program. After the class, all the little kids got toy Hummers to play with.

We headed out and went up to Georgetown, Colorado and then up Guanella Pass. We had 33 trucks today. It was only my 2nd time up that road. There were a lot of ATVs up there today. Guess I need to come back and explore.

Its still quite a sight to see 33 Hummers driving in a line up a road. Gets some attention. Lots of people are always stopping and taking pictures of the train of trucks.

We headed up to an old mining town called Waldorf. This is another one of those old mining cities that had a full town way up in the mountains many decades ago. Unfortunately, there isn’t much left to see. Here is our “parking lot” at the top.


We had sack lunches provided to us. So we got our our blanket and made a picnic. Not a bad place to spend a Sunday.