My Masterpiece II

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I just wanted to relax and watch a movie. However, the kids had other plans. Time to carve the pumpkin! Last year, I thought I did a good job. Sydney got to pick from a whole bunch of patterns and of course she picked a very scary one. I made her carve her own little pumpkin to help out. I … Read More

Back At It

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Well, I played lazy for 7 days. No running. No nothing. It felt good for the first few days but then the internal struggle mounted. Must get outside. Ran 8 miles today. Never felt better except for my right hip. I think its the so called hip flexor in there. It hurts. After about 5 miles, the pain goes dull … Read More

Renew Me

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I went to renew my driver’s license today. The people that work at those places are hilarious. They act like everybody is dumb and doesn’t know the rules. Not sure how we would know. They aren’t hanging on a sign or something. If you ask a question, they seem to tell you like you are dumb. They probably answer it … Read More

Denver 1/2 Marathon 2006

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 2:00:00 Pace 9:00 Number of Runners 2000 GPS Analysis MotionBased It wasn’t meant to be. My family has been sick all week. Everything from vomit to diarrhea. Something is going around. Again. These kids bring it home. I haven been sick like once a decade in my lifetime but these last few years are setting a … Read More