Ready Or Not

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With the marathon only 2 weeks away, it was time for the “long run”. This one is your longest in your training plan. Its usually done 2-3 weeks before the big day. So this morning I set my alarm and got up with the sun. It was brisk! I decided to run to the other side of Longmont and back. I rode this route on my bike when I first got it and recalled that is was roughly 20 miles. Perfect for the long run.

Something about running makes my bowels move. 3 miles into it I hopped into a port-o-pot at a construction site and let it fly. Then about 4 miles later, nature called again so I shot into a gas station that happened to be open. I was trying to be quick in and out so I guess that is why it turned into a multi-deposit situation.

When I hit mile 10, there was one more bathroom so I took a quick pit stop there because I couldn’t think of any more between there and the finish line.

The hardest point of the run is mile 13.1 — when you realize you are only 1/2 way. I wasn’t dead but “doing it over again” didn’t seem like the most fun at that point.

At about mile 16, your legs go kind of numb. They ache but don’t hurt. Its more mental. You have to keep the damn things moving. Keep moving. Keep moving.

I finished well and at a good overall pace that I should be able to hit my marathon race target.

Time for some short runs during the taper. Love the taper!