Screw You, DIRECTV

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Today was the big day! But I am not happy.

The DIRECTV HD DVR was released on September 13th. I have been patiently waiting for this box to come out for about a year. We have a couple Tivo’s but they don’t do HD of course. I also have a DIRECTV HD tuner with no DVR functionality — which is pretty much worthless in a house were everyone lives by Tivo and watching TV live is a thing from last century. Plus I only get FOX and CBS out of LA in HD.

So I ordered my box on the 13th when it came out. Today was install day. 8 till noon. Tick tick. Kim reminded me that they had called and left a message to confirm the appointment and said to have everything ready. I had some time so I pulled the TV out and disconnected the old Tivo and other gear and got everything ready for the install. Tick tick tock…its noon. Nobody. Waited until about 2 PM then I started dialing. Where is my box, I asked DIRECTV. They transferred me to the local installers. “Oh, we don’t have any in stock yet so the installer didn’t come out today”, she says. That would be perfectly reasonable a day or two ago but apparently you have to find this out after the fact after you wait around for these wonderful people to show up. “When are you getting some?”, I asked. They didn’t know. When they come in…was the answer. I hung up and called DIRECTV. Supervisor, please. Told my story. “I can give you Showtime and a $50 credit”, she says. “I just want my box that you promised me today”, I said. She went on to explain that she would have to call the local installer to see when they though they would be getting the boxes in. Remember the local installer told me that they will install once DIRECTV ships the boxes to them. Apparently, nobody knows what the fuck is going on.

So I went Herbie…”What company writes your paychecks? DIRECTV. That means you work there. DIRECTV manufactures this box? Yes. When are you shipping them this box? I don’t have that information, sir. But somebody else that gets a paycheck there just like you knows and can tell you. I don’t have that information, sir.“. This went on for about 15 minutes until I got her heated. She says she is going to call me tomorrow if she has that information. We will see.

I also asked why they couldn’t just come and install the dish today and then just do the DVR later. Obviously more cost to them, but better than losing a customer. “Its all on 1 work order, sir. We can’t break up a work order.” Apparently, paperwork runs the show. DIRECTV employees are zombies — I must do what the paper tells me. Do not stray from paper. Do not use brain.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t get HD any other way. Comcast doesn’t offer it. Dish sucks, or so everybody tells me. Blah blah. So I am stuck with these morons for now.

And now, I can’t watch the season premiere of LOST in HD. You bastards! I am patiently awaiting there phone call.

Why are these big companies such a pain in the ass to deal with?