Scaring Kids

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We have these big dirt piles in our neighborhood. They are left over from construction. We are actively working on removing the dirt. The dirt attracts kids from all over. They ride bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and even trucks on them. Our HOA continues to try and discourage this because of the liability involved. I always call the sheriff when we see people back there. Its private property and we don’t want someone to get hurt and sue our 261 homeowners. However, the sheriff never seems to get there in time to stop the action.

So a few Sundays ago, I was out mowing the lawn and I heard motorcycles out on the hills. I also got a call from a homeowner saying “they are out there again!”. Call the sheriff, not me, I told the caller. Frustrated, I hung up and drove over to the dirt piles. I creeped up to entrance to the area and saw 3 motor bikes up on the hill doing laps and jumps.

I drove up through the open space and right up to the base of the hill. The 3 bikers stared at me because they knew something was up. Why is this big H2 coming up the hill? I was going to get out and talk to them but the bikers started to get antsy and made a run for it. Damn it. They took off across our open space. This was off the dirt area they were on. Now, they were tearing up our turf. So I floored my truck and started across the dirt field after them. Trying to head them off before they hit the street. So picture 3 bikes flying down a nice grass field while an H2 travelling at high speeds approaches them on an angle. My truck was going through an unkept field. The weeds in the field were about 4-5 feet high. So you could just see the truck knocking down the path in front of it. Finally, when we got to the street the kids stopped and we had a chat. I explain why they can’t ride back there and that running isn’t the best answer. We parted ways.

I didn’t feel great about chasing the kids in the truck. I didn’t know they were kids until I finally caught them anyway. But I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to confront them to stop this situation.

24 hours later…my phone rings. Its the dad of 2 of the 3 kids. He apologized for the kids and wanted to know what he could do to fix anything that was wrong. I said everything is fine. Just stay off the dirt piles. However, then he expressed his displeasure at me chasing down the kids. Guess the kids got a little freaked out by the truck coming after them. Minutes later, the dad of kid 3 of 3 called me. He was also saying he would keep them out of there but “don’t you ever do that to my kid again”.

In the end, I felt good that the kids would not be returning. But I wasn’t happy about the way I had to chase them down. Hey, I had my share of running from people when I was a kid. But I knew when to stop and just deal with it.