Gear Up

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At the end of last running season, I moved over to Brooks shoes. They did me well this year. They even have blood all over them from my cuts at the tri! However, today I parted with the shoes that served me well this year. Straight to the trash. I need to get new shoes more often. I need a couple different pairs to help my feet on different types of terrain and just for a change.

So I went with 2 new pairs of shoes. On the left are a new pair of Brooks. Same model as my old pair, just the new 2006 colors and improvements. I am going to break these in over the next 3 weeks for the Denver Marathon. On the right, I had to get me some…the Dean Karnazes-designed North Face Arnuva 50 Boa. I am a Dean and North Face mark so these were perfect. They are more of a trail running shoe. I need that as I go that direction over the fall to prepare for some trail races in 2007! Plus, the Boa lacing system just rocks.


Oh and my mommy bought me a Road ID bracelet so when I get hit by a car, they will know who to call to come get my body.