Ready Or Not

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With the marathon only 2 weeks away, it was time for the “long run”. This one is your longest in your training plan. Its usually done 2-3 weeks before the big day. So this morning I set my alarm and got up with the sun. It was brisk! I decided to run to the other side of Longmont and back. … Read More

Screw You, DIRECTV

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Today was the big day! But I am not happy. The DIRECTV HD DVR was released on September 13th. I have been patiently waiting for this box to come out for about a year. We have a couple Tivo’s but they don’t do HD of course. I also have a DIRECTV HD tuner with no DVR functionality — which is … Read More

Scaring Adults

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After my last post, I got a few emails asking what kinds of stuff I did as kid. Well, I was far from a big troublemaker but we had our share of fun. I will share a personal favorite: VCR Tape Roadblocks! So we took VCR tapes that were old and opened them up. We took out the spools of … Read More

Scaring Kids

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We have these big dirt piles in our neighborhood. They are left over from construction. We are actively working on removing the dirt. The dirt attracts kids from all over. They ride bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and even trucks on them. Our HOA continues to try and discourage this because of the liability involved. I always call the sheriff when we … Read More

Gear Up

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At the end of last running season, I moved over to Brooks shoes. They did me well this year. They even have blood all over them from my cuts at the tri! However, today I parted with the shoes that served me well this year. Straight to the trash. I need to get new shoes more often. I need a … Read More