Adventures in Camping

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Although hesitant, I am starting to get this attitude that its good to do difficult things because then you don’t stress about them anymore. This weekend we left home on Friday afternoon and drove to Leadville to go camping. There is a large lake outside of Leadville called Turquoise Lake. It sits right at the base of Mount Massive. Its a gorgeous setting and its not too far from civilization but it seems like it. The campsite is at 10,500 feet so you even get some elevation highs.

As we drove into Leadville, it was raining. Camping in the rain? Yuck. We rolled through town and looked for a place to eat and possibly a place to stay. Everything was booked up. I didn’t realize that this weekend was the big Leadville Trail 100 race. The biggest event in Leadville all year long. So we ate a crappy dinner which I am not plugging here. Then we drove out to the camp. When we got out there, it was still raining. We strategized a bit but came up with nothing except setting up camp. Kim pushed me on it. I was hesitant. So I started building the camp in the rain. I got the tarp cover up to get a dry spot to work under. Then I got the tent up and loaded in the gear. The kids and Kim came into the tent and we zipped up and had a good time in the rain. No more stress about that. Setting up in the rain accomplished. However, the downside of this was that Reagan never slept that night. Brutal. I caught some sleep but Kim was up with her all night. My wife is going to be a pissy zombie tomorrow. When we woke up the next morning, the rain had stopped.


We drove over to Aspen on Saturday to look around. Never been there. There is so much money in that town its nuts. Every property was 7 or 8 digits. The homes on the hillside were huge and gorgeous. Kind of surreal. We headed back over Independence pass and everyone fell asleep during on this excellent road. Its a cool pass that is closed over the winter. It has great views. You will have to see that one yourself.

Night 2 went a lot better comparatively. I think everyone got some sleep.

The other notable story was how I tried to kill my family on the way home. We were out trying to find this one property that we wanted to check out. I missed the turn on this road. So I drove down the road a bit more then when no one was coming, I attempted a U-turn on the road. I swung right a bit and started the turn. However, on the other side of the road there was a creek. It wasn’t far down, maybe 2 or 3 feet. I overshot the last part of my turn. My brain was deciding between “stop and back up” and “you got it” — when the front right tire went down into the creek and the whole truck lunged forward. What the hell just happened? I carefully opened my door to find my rear right tire a good 2 or 3 feet up in the air. My front right tire was hanging down in the creek and off the ground. The part beneath the passenger door was on resting on the ground. Oops. Guess I should have backed up. A couple of trucks stopped by to help and see if we were OK. I had to get out a tow strap and connect to one of the trucks and get a little tug to get the front wheel back on some ground. Ah, a little excitement.