Mexican Spanish Phrases

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I picked up this Mexican Spanish phrase book a few weeks ago on an Amazon shopping spree. Brushing up for an upcoming trip. Learning Spanish in high school was so boring. You spoke about things that didn’t have anything to do with everyday speaking. However, this book goes to the other end. It has sections on everything. My favorite section … Read More

The Great Colorado Triathlon 2006

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On Friday, I came down with some virus that is circling this area. Its a stomach/bowel thing. You have diarrhea constantly. I had it a few weeks ago and got over it. But it came back this week — just before my first triathlon. Great. “That was a shitty race” could have a whole new meaning. The race is called … Read More

Adventures in Camping

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Although hesitant, I am starting to get this attitude that its good to do difficult things because then you don’t stress about them anymore. This weekend we left home on Friday afternoon and drove to Leadville to go camping. There is a large lake outside of Leadville called Turquoise Lake. It sits right at the base of Mount Massive. Its … Read More

I Created A Monster

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I found this photo stashed away on the camera from the last camping trip. Sydney wanted to go for a ride on “Daddy’s Bike”. So we went — and it was slow. We hit the trail at a whooping 6 or 7 miles an hour but you would have thought we were going 60 with the gigles from Sydney. We … Read More