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Is it just me or has “everyone” stopped commenting on blogs? It used to be the fun part of blogging. Now you never get too many comments as an author. And as a reader, the story after the story (in the comments) never develops. I hope people get back into it. The 2-way street keeps bloggers blogging. In some ways, … Read More

Duck Rescue

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I drove up in my driveway today and noticed a small line of birds walking on the ground. Then one after the other, they fell down into my neighbor’s window well. So I went over and saw 3 of them down in the well under the grate. They looked like little ducks with beaks and fur and webbed feet. I … Read More

Mount Elbert (14,433′)

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Distance 8.56 miles Moving Time 3 hr 56 min Summit Elevation 14,433 feet Elevation Gain 5,121 feet Route South Mount Elbert Trail A peak a week? We will see. Family is still out of town. Time for another one. A couple issues before I went. My blisters are healed up to the point where they don’t ooze. So I walked … Read More

On My Way

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Leaving at 2:30 AM to head out to Leadville. Going to climb Mt. Elbert this morning. Leaving from South Elbert Trailhead and going up the East Ridge. I will check back in later today. Update: Returned safely.